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A Place for Best Practices to Live

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Learn more about Drumtalk, the social learning platform that gathers and shares best practices and tribal knowledge in your organization.
Drumtalk helps you to capture information for your team and distribute that knowledge across the organization.
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Drumtalk is a cloud-based solution to facilitate knowledge sharing and content storage for your employees.

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Why Drumtalk?

As a manager, you have the ability to drive the conversations. Ask directed questions, and capture information that is most important to your team right now! In the controlled environment of Drumtalk, restrict questions to a specific team or function, or open them up across the organization for cross-functional collaboration.

In most organizations, important knowledge can be found in emails and training manuals, at meetings and the water cooler, and, of course, in people’s brains. This can make it pretty difficult to quickly find the knowledge that you need. Give your employees one place for best practices to live.
Use Drumtalk as a resource for continual learning and improvement across the organization. You can train new hires, educate across functions, and provide a resource of practical knowledge that each employee can access and review on a regular basis.